Permanent Penis Enlargement Gains? Is it Really Possible

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Do You Want a Bigger Penis?

Are you satisfied with your penis size? I wasn’t until recently. You see, before natural enlargement I was always envious of the size of my peers penises. I was not naturally blessed with a big penis and my penis was barely considered average length at 5.5″ erect with a penile girth of 4″. I needed serious help. 

I desperately wanted to have a bigger penis. Not to mention the fact that I also wanted a thicker penis. Would having a bigger, thicker penis help you out too?

Women are definitely more interested in your penis girth since this is what stimulates their sexual nerves the most. A thicker, harder penis also will allow you (& your partner) to enjoy your best sex ever!
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“My quest for clinically proven permanent penis enlargement.”
Not every penis enlargement method available has the clinical proof to back them up as permanent solutions. In fact, some methods are dangerous, and you risk injuring your penis if you attempt penis enlargement with them. So don’t even try.
  1. Hanging weights on your penis is dangerous. Serious damage could result. Do not use weights for penis enlargement under any circumstances.
  2. Penis pumps can cause bruising to your penis. Also, extreme pressure can also cause your penis to curve. Penis pumps are not recommended.
  3. Penis enlargement surgery is risky and expensive. Results are not guaranteed and most men are unhappy with the results. Penis surgery is not the best option for natural penis enlargement

Bigger Penis 4 Ever is dedicated to providing permanent penis enlargement advice about safe, natural methods that have been clinically proven to increase your penis size quickly and without side effects. 

“Finally, Clinically proven natural penis enlargement that actually works!”
After wasting my hard-earned cash on creams and pills that didn’t work, I became desperate and I almost gave up until one life-changing day I will never forget.
Luckily, I had finally found the clinically proven solution I was looking for. Instead of relying on bogus pills, patches, or cheap contraptions found at any adult novelty store, this uses simple, gentle method doctors have been successfully using for years. Traction is medically approved permanent penis enlargement. 


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Safe unlike surgery, pumps, & hanging weights. Permanent penis enlargementthat works. Now you’re talking. 

Now that I have started to see permanent penis size gains I will never lose confidence knowing that my penis is longer and thicker. My only regret is that I didn’t find this clinically proven solution & make it available to you sooner.


The absolute fastest and largest gains will be made with a penis traction device.


Medical Type 1 devices with approval by the medical community have been clinically proven to safely and easily enlarge the penis permanently up to 4″.

Yes, penis extenders are medically approved and clinically proven. However, there are many different versions of them. It became quite obvious after some more research that the SizeGenetics extender was far superior to the others.

The "noose" is out - Comfort is in - Don't "hang" your penis

The device is actually quite comfortable. There is no pain at all when its on. It only took one day for my penis to get used to the stretching and that was not painful either. Just follow the instruction DVD. It’s simple to use.

Now I only have to remove it to use the restroom or sleep. Otherwise its on and gently making my penis bigger naturally. From the very first day I knew SizeGenetics was for REAL. Very comfortable and easy to take on & off.

Natural penis enlargement is here and its possible to add up to 4″ of penis size safely & easily. In fact, when you enlarge your penis you win BIG TIME. You’ll get:

5 years feedback have made the "noose" obselete penis enlargement technology!

    • Up to 30% more penis length & girth
    • Rock-hard erections every time
    • Stamina – stay hard longer & recover faster
    • Performance – last longer during sex 
    • Correct any penis curvature up to 70%
    • Increased confidence & self-esteem
    • Increased sex drive & frequency
    • Longer, more intense orgasms
    • Permanent gains measurable in inches


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“I have already gained a full 1/2″ length and noticeable girth after just 5 weeks so far. Flaccid penis is bigger. Not sure who is more happy, though, me or the Mrs.”


SizeGenetics is 100% guaranteed to make your penis bigger naturally. After just 3 weeks I started to see my first penis size gains. I got so excited I had so share my results with you! 

You could see your first penis size gains even faster than I did. Your ego will get a HUGE boost also, & you may feel like bragging to your friends.

In fact, the other day my wife said to me, “How many hours have you worn that thing so far. You already seem bigger that way (girth).” Then she just smiled. Believe me, that was a very nice thing to hear! SizeGenetics works quickly and easily for me and it will make your penis permanently bigger also.

“How much bigger will your penis become with SizeGenetics?”


How big will you get with SizeGenetics??
Current Erect Size:    Months used:     


After I was confident that the penis traction device was the most effective solution to increase penis size, I knew I had to make this new technology available to every guy who had ever felt humiliated due to their own penis size like I used to be.
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I’ve only had this clinically proven penis enlargement solution available for a few weeks. However, this has actually been available for over 5 years and SizeGenetics has hundreds of honest testimonials from very happy men on file.

Believe it or not, I’m not the only one who thinks the new SizeGenetics is the best penis extender out there! Here’s what just a few of our very satisfied users had to say about this new breakthrough in natural penis enlargement.



Testimonial – Danann2 – Members Forum

“i’m now using the comfort strap extender, and have found it to be just what i needed. i can wear it for allot longer than i could the noose style. if i didn’t have to urinate, it think i could wear it all day!”


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Danann2 is still an active member & contributes regularly to the forum. His tips and techniques have helped both newbies and experienced guys get a bigger penis. 

In fact, this type of awesome support is what will help you make your penis biggerquickly & easily. Guys like to brag and will gladly share what works best with you!


Of course Danann2 is a veteran at penis enlargement. But permanent results can come relatively quickly. Listen to what Dean has to say about SizeGenetics.

Dean used the SizeGenetics for just a few weeks and has already added that woman-pleasing girth. The length will come soon with continued use of the extender.

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It’s working for them and it will work quickly and safely for you, too! Join Danann2, Dean, and hundreds of other guys who have seen the powerful effect of the SizeGenetics penis extender system including yours truly. 😉

Why risk injury and waste your hard-earned money on enlargement methods that just are not safe? Penile surgery can cost as much as 10 thousand dollars and the results are not guaranteed. In fact, some men even become impotent.

But a high-quality penis extender will solve your penis size problem inexpensively. Proven traction devices (Medical Type 1) range from two to five hundred bucks. 

Don’t skimp on quality. Remember where you are putting the device and realize that homemade devices can cause you injury. After all, it’s your penis & there is no reason to compromise your safety just to save a couple of dollars.

“SizeGenetics has a full 6-month guarantee so you get 100% risk-free permanent penis enlargement.”


In the unlikely event that you do not see any penile size gains after 6 months of using the SizeGenetics penis extender, you should return it without hassle for a full refund.

Your extender will come in a plain cardboard box just like this. Your privacy is assured as even your postman will not know what's inside!Your bigger penis is 100% guaranteed. Your penis extender will be discreetly sent to you in plain packaging so not even your postman will know what it inside. 

The SizeGenetics official site is also hacker safe and secure. There is just not a valid reason for you to keep feeling depressed over your penis size.

The sooner you start enlarging your penis means the sooner you can enjoy all the benefits of permanent penis enlargement. Rock-hard erections as well as up to 4″ more penis size can be yours forever. I promise you will not be disappointed!

John Marshall, CEO Bigger Penis 4 Ever and very proud SizeGenetics user. I have already added 1/2" to my penis size permanently and you can too!

Very Sincerely,

John Marshall CEO Bigger Penis 4 Ever
Proud SizeGenetics User


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P.S. Natural penis enlargement is becoming quite popular. Your rivals may be using penis stretchers right now to gain an advantage in the dating scene.

Don’t waste another opportunity to satisfy your partner in bed! A clinically proven traction device is working for me & is the best way for you to add up to 4″ to your penis size permanently and enjoy the best sex of your life.

Remember only SizeGenetics penis traction device will provide the following benefits to you permanently in the fastest time possible:

    • Up to 30% bigger length & girthNew Type 1 medical device will enlarge your penis safely and easily!
    • Rock-hard “teen-like” erections
    • Stamina – maintain erection quality
    • Performance – last longer during sex 
    • Correct penis curvature up to 70%
    • Increased confidence
    • Increased sex drive (libido)
    • Longer, more intense orgasms
    • Permanent size gains of up to 4″

Please conduct your own research if you are not satisfied with our efforts. We  strive to provide you with complete, accurate advice concerning permanent penis enlargement.

The bottom line is its your penis and you should be comfortable if you decide to enlarge your penis. Give us a chance to prove to you that natural penile enlargement is for real & is NOT a scam.

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