How to Uncurve Your Penis

Many men a great deal of time thinking about their penises, and it’s no secret that many men long to have a bigger penis, not only in terms of length but all more girth.

With that said, there are plenty of men out there with other concerns regarding their penis, rather than just size alone. In fact, many men unfulfilling sex lives due to the fact they have bent, or rather, excessively curved penises.

In some cases, a slight curve can have its advantages, but if the curve is severe, it can by all accounts prevent them from being able to fully enjoy intercourse with their partners. Needless to say, their partners also suffer as a result simply because they may not be able to accommodate a severely bent penis without experiencing substantial pain.

Whereas penis enlargement tends to be primarily an issue of male ego, the desire to correct a crooked penis is all about wanting to lead a normal life, and in fact, has virtually nothing to do with one’s ego.

So, the question most men with this condition ask is whether a crooked penis can be straightened, and if so, how does one go about it. Below we will take a look at the only real options available. While you may come across more “so called” cures on the internet, the truth is there really are only three choices.

Penis Surgery

Penis surgery has advanced in leaps and bounds over the years, but even today, results cannot be guaranteed. While a highly skilled surgeon can undoubtedly correct a crooked penis, he or she may often be reluctant to perform the procedure unless one’s penis is crooked enough to entirely rule out intercourse. The reason for this is simply because it’s a sort of “bitter sweet” situation. While you’ll almost certainly leave the hospital with a straight penis, you could discover that you can no longer achieve a full erection. The risks involved with penile surgery remain high, and this is exactly why such procedures cost a small fortune. Each time a surgeon performs such a procedure, he or she knows that there is a very real chance they could end up being sued.

Penis Exercises

Penis exercises are said to work, but they have two major setbacks. First, one would need to set aside at least two to three hours each day, and depending on the severity of the condition, it could take more than a year before any results are seen.  Unfortunately, unless you’re unemployed, and have virtually no commitments whatsoever, it will more than likely be impossible for you to dedicate two hours to exercises every day. Secondly, the exercise will only work when carried out on a semi-erect penis, so the penis has to be maintain in a state where it’s approximately 50% erect.

Penis Extenders

Penis extenders offer men a very real solution to correct a crooked penis and that with minimal human intervention. The devices that are currently available can be attached to the penis in the mornings, and then left in place for several hours, without having to worry that someone may notice. When in use, penis extenders basically put the penis in traction, while at the same time cause no discomfort.

As the bend in the penis begins to straighten, and the shaft begins to lengthen, the penis extender can be adjusted according. Of course, the biggest advantage is not the fact that it can correct a crooked penis, but also that it increases the size of your penis as well. The only word of caution is that users are strongly advised to follow the manufacturer’s instructions in order to avoid possible injury.