Sizegenetics- The Rolls Royce of Penis Extenders

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Genetics also play a major role in how penis size develops. The SizeGeneticsTMSystem is a complete penile extension solution that can increase penis size by up to 30% or greater. The Size Genetic system includes a medically approved penis extender  along with a penile exercise DVD, 2 lovemaking DVDs,  as well as powerful penis exercise and sex techniques provided from top sex guides – LovecentriaTM and PenisHealth.


The Size Genetics system is one of a handful of medically approved devices  to enlarge the penis when used as directed. Benefits include increases in length, girth, stronger erections and increased sexual stamina due to increased blood flow.  The extender does not require a doctor prescription. However, the device needs to be worn upwards of 8 hours a day for maximum results. By applying a constant traction over the length of the penis, the device triggers the body’s growth function.

Online Access to Videos – The Size Genetics system includes access to online penis exercise videos along with 54 DVDs worth of lovemaking content which teaches you to become highly proficient in the bedroom. Topics include sexual positions, how to give the most amazing oral pleasure, and countless other secrets for mind blowing sex.

Peyronie’s Disease – Peyronie’s is a disease that results in curvature of the penis. It is the result of a lump or plaque forming within the soft tissue of the penis forcing it to curve at an angle. This makes the penis appear to be shorter. The condition varies in severity and has a more pronounced on the penis when erect. By adding increases traction to one side of the penis, the penis can be gradually straightened – usually within 6 months.

Curvature of the Penis – This can be an embarrassing condition that may cause pain or discomfort during sex. It almost certainly makes the penis appear shorter than it is. Fortunately, a bent or curved penis does NOT mean that you have Peyronies Disease. A natural curve can be corrected in the same way with complete straightening accomplished within 6 months.


  • Increase in length and girth up to 30%
  • Extremely comfortable design
  • Includes spare parts that allows you to increase the extender as penis grows
  • Comes with instructional DVD and private storage box


  • Does not include penis enhancement supplements
  • Not available in stores


SizeGeneticsTM costs several hundred dollars depending on the package and add-ons you select and is actually cheaper than competing brands such as Pro Extender. A $50 discount is available with purchase of their full system package. It remains a relatively inexpensive item when compared to the more costly and and dangerous surgery. We were impressed by the high quality parts and construction of the device.

Common problems with cheap devices include:

Bending – This is caused by the use of low quality materials and can cause discomfort for users.

Noose – Can easily cut off blood supply to penis.

Comfort and Usage

The Size Genetics penis extender is one of the most comfortable penis extenders we have tested. Never did we experience and discomfort or pain. The comfort design mechanism allows you to wear the device all day with ease. It is important your extender fits comfortably since they all require extensive use to get the maximum results. With the Size Genetics this is not a problem.


Aside from several great endorsements from medical professionals and satisfied users, this device has also has gained tremendous credibility from the public in the aftermath of its appearance on BBC TV’s Jonathan Ross Show as well as GQ Magazine. Their six month guarantee, reasonable pricing, and excellent customer support make this one of our top rated penis extender.

Jes Extender- The First Penis Extender Inventedpenis extender reviews


Jes-Extender is the first medically approved penis enlarging device on the market and functions as a safe, pain-free and low-cost alternative to penis enlarging surgery. Jes-Extender has been manufactured for more than 14 years and is made in Denmark by Danamedic.

The penis enlarger was designed and approved by a team of European medical professionals and plastic surgeons as a post-op treatment advice. Made in Denmark,  the traction mechanism is of the highest-quality while the lock and load feature eliminates the need to worry about safety or have to readjust the device with each use.

The Jes Extender is considered one of the original penis extenders and works by traction; physically exposing the penis to constant stretching which overtime leads to cellular growth and permanent enlargement. Read the full Jes Extender review.

Jes-Extender starts at an introductory price of $249 for the basic kit which supports penises up to 6.7 inches in length.  They offer six different packages with the top model offered for $1399.00. Accessories include extension rods, a protection pad foam ring, multiple spring sets, and adjustable rubber strap. They also offer an instructional DVD. However, the do not offer some of the perks of other brands which include male enhancement pills and instructional sex DVDs. Neither are required for penis enlargement but do provide added value.


For men to achieve lasting results, the Jes-Extender penis traction technology works to provide gentle and gradual tension, allowing consistent changes to occur. Men are recommended to use the product for 8 to 12 hours a day with results beginning to appear within 2 or 3 months.

Ease of Use

Soreness can be experienced when first using the Jes-Extender. To alleviate the problem, it is recommended to use the enclosed protection pad and reduce the amount of traction until your accustomed to the tension (usually 1-2 days) . Unlike Size Genetics, Jes Extender does not utilize the superior comfort design mechanism which allows for extended use. However, the precision mold and adjustable fit will provide comfortable use for most users.


Jes-Extender is one of the best-selling penis enlarging devices on the market and has been successfully used by over 250,000 men to improve the length and thickness of their penises. The Jes-Extender can be used by man in their comfort of their own homes and can be worn under clothing and at night-time. Man who work sitting behind a desk for most of the day may even be able to wear the device . Several different versions of the Jes-Extender are available for purchase. The light version is the cheapest and fits penis sizes under 7 inches whereas the standard version fits penis sizes up to 9 inches – silver, gold, titanium and platinum versions can also be purchased.

In terms of effectiveness, the average increase in length as reported by the manufacturer is 28% increase in length and 19% increase in girth. Jes Extender offers better than average penis enlargement results thanks to it’s high quality parts and engineering. Jes Extender is classified as a proven medical type 1 device which gives it greater durability and effectiveness.

Clinical Studies

Clinical studies provide an unbiased look at just how effective and safe penis enlarging devices are. Jes-Extender is one of the few products of its kind to actually undergo sound medical testing. The impartial clinical test was presented at the 1st International Interdisciplinary Symposium on Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgery. The study looked at 18 male patients aged in their early 20s to late 40s over a period of 6 months. After 11,000 hours of use, they experienced an increase in erection length of greater than one inch.

The average result of Jes-Extender treatment

  • Increase in erect length of 2,8 cm (1.1 Inch) after 1100 hours at 1200 g traction force. The corresponding flaccid increase is 1,9 cm or 0.75 inch.
  • Average lengthening per week was 1,9 mm
  • No complications

Another clinical study was done to test the device’s ability to help man suffering from Peyronie’s disease, a disorder where the penis develops a hard knot and can become curved overtime. The test was carried out in Barcelona, Spain and involved several man suffering from various stages of Peyronie’s disease. After treatment, several men had a reduction in pain, a reduction or a correction in the curvation of the penis was also experienced.

Final Verdict

Jes-Extender guarantees that every man who buys the product and follows the recommended training program will gain inches and girth. They even offer a one-of-a-kind double refund policy to unsatisfied users. Those who are willing to put in a little effort and can make the time to use the product regularly will get the thicker, stronger, longer penis they have desired. Considered to be one of the orginal penis extenders on the market, Jes Extender is a great traction device for those who desire a bigger penis. At an introductory price of $249, Jes Extender is an affordable and reliable penis extender device.

How a Penis Extender Works

With an increase in publicity, many people are taking notice to the traction device, as a result a number of individuals have begun to question if this is actually an untested and new product.  But if we want to look at the actual techniques we can find they are part of an ancient tribal custom, part of spiritual practices and even a form of modern day tissue rebuilding used in some surgical patients. This idea has a long history over the span of centuries. The only thing that is actually new is the ability of the product in an effective and safe method designed for at home use. We’ll take a moment to look at the long history along with the idea behind it with and the dramatic results it can offer.

Many people have an understanding of how the extreme type of traction that has played a role in the African tribal and Amazonian tribes. These include their ear and lip discs along with neck ricks that are designed to help stretch the body to incredible sizes or length. Consider either the Discovery Channel or National Geographic.  You probably have seen some of these enhancement devices on these people. Well these native people have used the same devices on their penis as well. They include the, Peruvian Cholomecs, Sadhus holy men of India and Papua Indians of New Guinea who hold rituals designed to get their penis up to 22 inches!

How A Penis Extender Works
In modern times, traction is what they medical community calls a calibrated and continuous pressure that has been applied to the body to help healing after burns, injury, surgery or trauma and it allows the body to regain stretching of tissues and to rebuild tissue and muscle naturally. There are mastectomy patients that take muscle from the chest just before reconstructive surgery. Penis enlargement patients who use this traction are looking for it to help to heal, straighten and even strengthen their penis, while a burn patient who creates their own skin will form grafts with the use of this and the tradition will help to enlarge the available amount of skin prior to their transplant.

When the body is stretched, it opens up spaces that are between the cells and helps to trigger both growth and healing in the human body by working with the adjacent cells that begin to divide and fill in the empty space. When it is used on a regular basis, this growth can be in the millions and these new cells can help to significantly add tissues and size to their area.

This is essentially how the concept of penis enlargement devices works. In this since well documented and popular device which was designed by a Urologist and crafted by a Denmark company, traction is applied with an adjustable set of calibrated bars all between a anatomically correct curve base the will fit the root of a penis comfortably. There is then a surgical grade band that slips over the penis head and while the penis is growing it can have the traction and distance slightly adjusted. This product is known under the name of ProExtenderTM, and you have the ability to get this from either your doctor or online.  There is also Andro Extender, known as Size Genetics, which is a top choice for extenders.

We find that Penis enlargement traction devices do actually work. With medical studies along with medical applications of these traction devices that show there is real and very permanent growth. This happens in both length and girth expanding in noticeable inches. These are of course not just a quick fix, but when used properly (and these directions you will find specific to the unit you end up choosing) over time the body will begin to build new tissue. Never trust an advertisement that claims “instant” gains or “miracle” overnight growth because they are not only very unsafe, but they can be unrealistic and unreliable as well.

Any man interested in gaining size in his penis should keep his health and safety in mind above anything else. You should focus only one medical device that been medically corrected and to follow all instructions of the unit. Questions should be taken up with your doctor. The success of a traction device will depend on your dedication to the unit itself. With proper and consistent application you will find that a penis enlargement is possible for you. If you are still trying to decide between products both the ProExtenderTM and size genetics are excellent options.

Are Penis Extenders A Scam?

Any guy who has ever considered purchasing a product that enlarges penis size has wondered if such products truly work or if they are just a scam. The problem is even more compounded by the number of devices and products on the market that makes exaggerated claims and use cheap technology or ineffective ingredients that could not possibly provide the results that they claim. Some of these products include: pumps, pills, weight hanging, clamping, stretching and other such methods may have some effect on penis size, but are not as safe, effective or functional as a penis extender.

Confused and worried that penis extenders are a scam? Take a look at just how these devices got their start and what you need to know to use them…


Modern penis extenders were invented in 1994 by a Swedish doctor named Dr. Jorn Ege Siana. Siana specializes in General and Plastic Surgery and may have originally designed the devices to help patients recovering from penis enlargement surgeries. Also called penis stretchers and penis traction devices, these products work by holding the penis in a slight stretch, the constant stretch promotes cellular division, offering a gradual increase in penis girth and width. These devices quickly caught the attention of average man and were swiftly sold around the world.

The original products did not offer the same quality as the products sold today. As modifications have been made throughout the years, these devices have become more capable, able to increase the amount of traction provided for a greater stretch. Today’s devices are also comfortable for extended wear and can fit all penis sizes including penises smaller than average length. Modern penis traction devices are also made out of a range of materials ensuring these devices do not cause skin allergies and will not fall apart.

Side Effects

Penis traction devices sold today have undergone extensive testing and scientific study. These devices can be considered medical devices due to their superior engineering, recommendation by medical professionals and their ability to increase penis size and subsequently reduce penis curvature. Thankfully, these products are designed to provide all of these benefits with very few side effects. Usually the only side effect experienced by man is a pinching feeling. This can usually be eliminated by looking for a traction device with some type of cushioning or memory foam.

Useage and Results

Here is the important note to remember! Although penis extenders are not a scam, they are not designed to work overnight! Unless you are willing to wear the device for several hours daily and consistently for a few months, you will not receive the full benefits. By being committed to wearing the device regularly, men can experience permanent increases of several inches in both width and girth.

The devices can easily be worn while unclothed or worn under clothing. The position of the device can also be adjusted for greater comfort or to provide privacy when worn under clothing. In some instances, it may even be possible to wear the device when working, exercising, doing chores around the home, driving or other activities.

Penis Extender Frequently Asked Questions

Wondering about the price, safety or effectiveness of penis extenders? Men, here are the answers to the questions you have been dying to ask! Use these inquiries to determine if penis extenders are the most suitable option for treating your penis growth issues.

How much do high-quality penis extenders cost?

Answer: Penis extenders can be found in a wide-range of prices, however the premium brands typically cost several hundred dollars. More expensive penis extenders, in the mid to high hundreds price range are also found. Usually, the more expensive the device the more extra amenities have been included. For instance, some extenders are available in 24 karat gold for those with skin allergies.

Are penis extenders worth this high price?

Answer: Although the cost is not cheap, high priced extenders have spent more in research to develop ergonomically designed devices that are comfortable to wear and provide the results that they promise. These devices also feature money-back guarantees, allowing you to try out the mechanism and ensure it works.

Are there cheaper alternatives available?

Answer: Economic extenders are available for less than $100. Unfortunately, however, men have found that this reduction in price usually means a reduction in quality as well. These cheap devices may fall apart, cause pinching or use inferior technology that will not actually stretch out the penis.

What about discretion, I don’t want others to know I am using a penis traction device?

Answer: Most companies that sell penis extenders value their customer’s privacy and only ship their devices in plain boxes with discrete labels. For taking the device with you when you travel, some also offer a range of wooden carrying cases that can hold the device and all accessories so your privacy is protected.

Are these devices only meant to be used by men of a certain age?

Answer: Any guy over the age of 18 can use a penis traction device. These devices are not generally recommended in those under 18 because; the body and the penis may still be growing due to puberty. For best results, only men who have completed puberty and are fully mature should use a penis extender.

Is a prescription required before purchasing a penis extender?

Answer: No, you do not have to check in with a urologist or other medical professional before trying such devices. Penile extenders can easily be purchased online. If you have a specific medical condition, however, such as Peyronie’s Disease, you may want to check and make sure that the device you choose has undergone testing for the treatment of Peyronie’s Disease.

Are penis extenders safe to use?

Answer: Yes, most penis extenders are safe to use. To ensure the quality of your device make sure it is regulated and licensed. In the United States, legitimate devices are registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), if made in Europe, such devices should have a CE Certificate. Either listing verifies that these medical devices have met quality standards for their safety and effectiveness when in use. These devices will also be precisely engineered with pliable materials that are easy to place on or remove off of the penis.

What kind of results will I get after using a penis extender?

Answer:: It will depend on how many hours you use the device, how many months you consistently use the medical device and how much traction you apply. For most men, typical results usually include around 2 to 3 inches in length and 1 to 2 inches in width. These results will usually take several months or up to a year to appear. As the device is used, however, a few centimeters are usually gained each month.

Penis Extender Common Questions
Looking to find out the real deal behind penis extenders? Here we take a look at the most common questions men are likely to encounter when shopping around for penis enhancing devices.

What exactly is a penis extender?
A: Simply put, a penis extender is a device that puts pressure or traction onto the penis, slowly causing the structure to elongate.

How do I use a penis extender?
A: This will depend on how the device is designed, but usually the penis is slipped into the base of the device. Then some form of noose or strap is used to hold the penis in place. Adjustable spring rods are used to apply pressure and change the amount of traction or stretching experienced. Since the device is designed to be worn for hours at a time, cushioning pads are usually included to increase comfort.

Can such devices really work?
A: Yes they do. Penis extenders are lightweight, easy to wear and thousands of testimonials are available from men who have effectively remedied small penis sizes by using traction devices.

Just how often do I have to use a penis extender?
A: Although you should read the usage information included with the specific product you purchase for exacts, most penis extenders are designed to be used daily. In most cases, men are directed to wear the device for 4 to 8 hours a day, or even longer to get results as quickly as possible.

I am too busy to sit around wearing a penis extender. Can I wear it while doing other activities?
A: Depending on the device, you choose it may be possible to wear your penis extender while mobile. This will usually work best, however, for those sitting in their office chair at work, doing light chores around the house or sleeping while wearing the device. The only way to find out if your device is useable while moving is to try it out, if any pinching or pain is felt, however, stop and continue to use the device when resting or sitting. Wearing lose fitting pants can also make it more comfortable to wear the device when on the move.

What about girth? Can a penis extender affect thickness as well?
A: Yes. As the device pumps blood into the penis, both the length and width will experience some gains. Moreover and contrary to the fears of some men, an increase in length will not result in a thinner penis.

Can a penis extender fix penis curvature problems?
A: Yes! Clinical studies have suggested that penis traction devices are capable of reducing curvature and restoring sexual pleasure that is often reduced through the painful lesions that the disease causes.

Is there any scientific evidence that penis traction devices work?
A: Several companies that sell penis traction devices have conducted scientific tests to confirm that their products are capable of treating penis size. Independent clinical studies have also been published in medical journals and other noteworthy scientific publications that confirm that penis traction devices can increase penis width and girth.